Very best Stand Mixers for Flexibility

Very best Stand Mixers for Flexibility:

Another speedy glance at one of the most popular stand mixers, uncovers nothing unusual or bad mom about this iconic small kitchen gadget. The Artisan model seduces using its traditional retro bands while its more statuesque friend, orders a certain respect.

But its when you check out its slightly quirky rival, the Cuisinart standing up mixer, that you will be travelling to do a double take. First off,

A closer look reveals an unexpected feature, giving it much enhanced flexibility. Instantly, this includes an appears even more imposing.

Elevating the front cover, but time shock outlets. The stomach quickness power wall plug based upon towards leading permits the right citrus juicer to become attached, while the high rate power store towards the back lets you connect either a ninja blender or a food processor bond.

Cuisinart stand mixers could be forgiven for having identity passage or sprouting multiple celebrities. If you appeared as if a sewing computer system working under cover the mixer and executing in the form of juicer, blender, food processer, meats grinder and amalgama maker, wouldnt you use baffled? However, not the Cuisinart. With a brilliant powerful 800-watt motor, it requires everything you toss at him in its pace.

At first blush, the KitchenAid mixer appears rather puny. Just a basic mixer executing its job doing it you know brain you, but still simply mixing. No competition right here. But wait – appear! What’s that odd contain on leading of the combination mixer? Well, as it happens that the KitchenAid offers its little secret documents as well, an attachment mainstay that may house over Kitchenaid Stand Mixers  twelve attachments:

. ice cream manufacturer
. masa maker
. pasta bed sheet tool
. masa roller set
. masa cutter companion set
. masa excellence kit
. dinero newspapers
. ravioli manufacturer
. grain mill
. food grinder
. food tray
. sausage stuffer
. fruit & vegetable strainer
. slicer & shredder
. citrus juicer
. can opener

Rather impressive, isn’t it? An instant look into specific list, and ravioli can be up there on my set of favorites.

And let’s remember about the energy of ice cream. Nothing at all tastes like do-it-yourself some yummy ice cream. Put in a little liqueur, choose no other.

However, juicer and meals processor as Cuisinart Stand Mixer attachments. For example, would you prefer a masticating juicer for health purposes?

Something else to keep in mind is that those stand mixer attachments are all offered for sale separately. But still, you would have to fork out a lot more money to purchase individual small appliances to do the same job. You would also need more storage space so unless you have a large pantry, be prepared for a significant portion of your countertop to pretty KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer much vanish.

When ever all is said and done, I guess choosing the best stand mixer for your needs will depend on top of the kind of parties youre thinking about throwing.

Know All About Form 16A

The Form 16A is a salary TDS certificate. If you are employer more than one in a year, then you have more than one Form 16. If your total income is Rs.2, 50,000 or more than you deduct the TDS by the income tax. Form 16 is for salary income while Form 16A is applicable for TDS on income other than salary. Mena that when others payment you than Income Tax department mandates that entire portion for you deducted by other and the paid to the income tax department directly. This called TDS (Tax Deducted at Source).

The Form 16 issued under the section 203 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The Form 16A issued when payments are non-salary. TDS professional fees, Rent, Bank Interest payments all are made through Form 16A. The Form 16A have various details like name, the address of deductee, PAN/ TAN details, details of TDS deducted and deposit. As per the Income Tax Act, TDS deducted when the payment is done on Rs.30000 and above during the year. Form 16 is issued annually while the Form 16A certificate issued quarterly.

The Form 16A contains following details such that Name, PAN no. And TAN no. of the deductor, Name and PAN No. od Deductee, nature of payment, Amount paid and the date of payment and the receipt number of TDS payment. You can verify your Form 16A at the online. The employee who wishes to know the deduction by his employer can access Form 26 AS on the website by entering TAN no of an employer, his PAN card no, the financial year, certificate no and total amount of deducted.

The Form 16A is required as a proof of salary. Anyone at Passport Seva who are self-employed or any professional can use the Form 16A. Both forms are required for smoothly return TDS. The Form 16A issued by the rent, commission, professional charges, buildings, plant, machine hired, commission agents, etc. the Form 16A is most useful as a proof of tax deductions at source provided by an employer to their employees. People who want to verify their Form 16A they check at the online.

Best Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is a Sanskrit word which derived from the ‘Rangavali.’ Rangoli is an art which precedes sculpture and painting. Rangoli made by women; they draw rangoli with their fingers. They do not use anything ruler, thread or brush to draw rangoli. Rangoli is a traditional art which made by women to decorate their house entry. Rangoli is one type of form to welcome guests and lords in the festivals. In the India, women make rangoli in the Diwali Festival.

Rangoli brings joy and happiness to ever one. The rangoli have various names in the different places in India like rangoli called in Tamil Nadu, Kolam called in Bengal and Alpana in Rajasthan. For making rangoli there are different stories available. When the Lord Ram was born, the people of Ayodhya make Rangoli designs welcome Shree Ram. There are different types of colors are used for making rangoli like rice flour, colored rice, flower petal, colored sand, a bark of trees, etc.

Best Rangoli Designs makes in any size, any shape, with dots and without dots. Nowadays people use synthetic dyes replace with natural dyes. People make a small Goodes Lakshmi footprint in below the rangoli. Rangoli is being encouraged; many schools are holding rangoli competitions for young children. The rangoli made in two ways such as dry and wet. Rangoli designs make for various special occasions, festivals or wedding ceremony. For making rangoli readymade stickers and stickers are also available in the market. It is very easy to make rangoli in one or two colors.


BSES Online Bills Download Process

BSES Online Bills Download Process:

BSES Delhi is one of the electricity provider power limited company of India who is distributing electricity to all over in Delhi areas. BSES is a large amount of power consumption to provide maximum electricity to Delhi public.


BSES Delhi

About BSES Delhi:

If you are searching the full form of BSES, then it is Bombay Suburban Electric Supply which is having two divisions. The first division of BSES is the BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL), and another one is BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL). Both divisions are working parallel to distribute electricity in various areas of Delhi. Both are just parts of the BSES Delhi and providing powers to all their customers who has connected with them.

BSES Delhi Online Service:

As we all knows that the technology becomes more effective and improve human facilities to easy to use. In all over the world, technology becomes the first things of people where they can do anything with the easiest way.

All the department of government and private section are using online services technology to provide the best service to their customers. If we talk about Banks, marketing companies or any other private companies are improving with current technology. They are providing online services like online payment, money transfer, bill payment and other online services to their customers. They want to provide best services to their consumers where the consumer gets timeless services.

BSES Online Bills Download Process:

The BSES also have online services for their customers who can use all the online service through official website of BSES. At the official portal, you can pay online electricity bills and online consumer forum where you get customer support for any inconvenience.

At the official website, you can also Download BSES Duplicate Bill print copy of your BSES Delhi electricity. BSES Delhi Duplicate Bills can help you to get Bill-proof and for some documented proof. So, BSES has duplicate bill download service which can use all customers for their personal use.



If you have a gun at your home then it’s very important to keep you child safe from the gun and also your responsibility to keep it away from child. As young as 3 years old child is also physically able to pull the trigger. As the adult, it’s your own duty to follow and understand all the laws for purchasing the gun. You can communicate with your local or state police for information about gun laws in your state.

As an owner of the gun you are responsible to practice, learn and teach your child about gun and how it works because it is difficult for your child to know about what to do if she or he encounters a gun anywhere so it is necessary to give them proper information and knowledge. And always purchase a gun safe with or before you purchase your firearm so you won’t have to left it unsecured for even a single day.
If you don’t have a gun at your home but you have child then also it will also necessary to give them knowledge about gun because they may contact with a gun at neighbor’s home or anywhere else.

If you do have gun at your home

  • Take out the ammunition out of gun.
  • Lock the gun and keep it safe where kids can’t reach because just hiding a gun in not an enough.
  • Keep it safe with keys and gun cleaning supplies where child can’t reach.
  • You should never leave the gun unattended when cleaning or handling a gun.

How to teach your children about gun and their safety

Now, you fully understand that the need to teach your children about gun safety but how?
Tell them to stay away from gun with more effectiveness than just to ordering them because your child will consider it more effective. Such statement will create child’s curiosity to know more about and may they can think like “why should I stay away?” so talk with them openly and with honesty all about gun safety and tell them what will happen if they pull the trigger. Discussing guns and their use, advantage, disadvantage as well and also their use on television is also very much important because it is totally different and difficult for a child to understand the huge difference between being killed on television and being killed in a real life.
If your child do have any gun toy then you can use it as your component to explain about gun safety and also demonstrate them how they different from the actual real time gun.

Tell your child what they will do if they see a gun:

  • STOP!
  • Leave the place or area
  • Tell to adult

If your child will contact with any gun then that kind of instruction will help them “STOP” so child will not touch the gun and leave that area or place.
Talk about gun safety with your child is very important because nowadays every third householder may have gun so it may helpful to your child when they contact with the real gun.

Must Read Travel Tips to pack light without missing important stuff


Heavy Luggage always make us tired and bored while travelling, when you mess up with your luggage you often feel less organized and might miss the fun of travelling. So here we have some tips that will make your trip little more comfortable. Everyone should keep in mind that they cannot plan for everything but you can try to organize the stuff better by knowing the places you’re going to stay and facilities and stuffs your hotel provides. We often pack things those are already provided by hotel, by eliminating this extra stuff we can make our bags lighter.

We are so sure that nobody’s going to left the camera behind  but most of them will forget extra memory for camera. Always bring extra memory card for camera because you’re going to take lot of photographs on your trip.

Always keep a copy of your important documents like passport, international driving permit, credit cards etc. Inform your bank about your tour so they don’t block transactions from your account.

Plan your outfits and pack your bag accordingly, don’t let your lady pack any extra stuff, no men pack extra stuff because he has to drag the main suitcase till the end.

Don’t get packing tips from Men Vs Wild, you’re not going there to survive, just pack like a normal person.

Check once on the internet if your country food is available at that place you’re going or not, so in case if you don’t like the local food you can still get your food. Don’t load food into your luggage.

These are some of the basic and important tips for travelers. These tips are specially for inexperienced travelers to make their tour nice and comfortable.

Different types of Taxes in India

India is a vast nation with lots of population. The population is very hard working a majority of them is from the agriculture industry. The tax slab is different for a various class of businesses. If you’re a salaried person, then the tax slab will differ from the individual who is doing business. We have collected almost every kind of taxes collected by the government in this article.

Income Tax

Income tax is one of the largest source of tax collection for Government of India. The income tax system in India has different kinds of tax slabs for different people categorized based on their respective incomes. The system has been upgraded and now uses online portals and digital forms to pay and enquire income taxes. There are a huge number of ways available like Form 16, Form 26AS and much more. The majority of income for the government of India is coming from tax collection from income tax department. To pay the income tax one must have PAN card, to get PAN card you need to apply online using the Form 49A.

Service Tax

Service tax industry is huge and is a great source of funds for the Indian government. Service tax is applied to the service industries, particularly the one who have business model totally based on the service sector. The hotel industry and professional services like lawyer and doctors are covered under the tax slabs of service tax.

Value Added Tax

Value added tax or VAT is a very controversial taxing system by the government of India, and this system was introduced to collected tax from different stages of production. It tried to minimize the complexity of the taxing system but failed to do so.


Excise is for those who are in the business of import and export. The import duty is high compared to another part of the world. Indian government tries to motivate people in creating the environment which pushes people to make more exports. Programs like ‘Make in India’ are results of this efforts. This all the taxes needs forms which can be both filled online and downloaded and submitted with a hard printed copy.

This were the top taxes by a government of India, let us know in the comment section what do you think about our list.