Rangoli is a Sanskrit word which derived from the ‘Rangavali.’ Rangoli is an art which precedes sculpture and painting. Rangoli made by women; they draw rangoli with their fingers. They do not use anything ruler, thread or brush to draw rangoli. Rangoli is a traditional art which made by women to decorate their house entry. Rangoli is one type of form to welcome guests and lords in the festivals. In the India, women make rangoli in the Diwali Festival.

Rangoli brings joy and happiness to ever one. The rangoli have various names in the different places in India like rangoli called in Tamil Nadu, Kolam called in Bengal and Alpana in Rajasthan. For making rangoli there are different stories available. When the Lord Ram was born, the people of Ayodhya make Rangoli designs welcome Shree Ram. There are different types of colors are used for making rangoli like rice flour, colored rice, flower petal, colored sand, a bark of trees, etc.

Best Rangoli Designs makes in any size, any shape, with dots and without dots. Nowadays people use synthetic dyes replace with natural dyes. People make a small Goodes Lakshmi footprint in below the rangoli. Rangoli is being encouraged; many schools are holding rangoli competitions for young children. The rangoli made in two ways such as dry and wet. Rangoli designs make for various special occasions, festivals or wedding ceremony. For making rangoli readymade stickers and stickers are also available in the market. It is very easy to make rangoli in one or two colors.

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