Heavy Luggage always make us tired and bored while travelling, when you mess up with your luggage you often feel less organized and might miss the fun of travelling. So here we have some tips that will make your trip little more comfortable. Everyone should keep in mind that they cannot plan for Bermuda Triangle Facts everything but you can try to organize the stuff better by knowing the places you’re going to stay and facilities and stuffs your hotel provides. We often pack things those are already provided by hotel, by eliminating this extra stuff we can make our bags lighter.

We are so sure that nobody’s going to left the camera behind  but most of them will forget extra memory for camera. Always bring extra memory card for camera because you’re going to take lot of photographs on your trip.

Always keep a copy of your important documents like passport, international driving permit, credit cards etc. Inform your bank about your tour so they don’t block transactions from your account.

Plan your outfits and pack your bag accordingly, don’t let your lady pack any extra stuff, no men pack extra stuff because he has to drag the main suitcase till the end.

Don’t get packing tips from Men Vs Wild, you’re not going there to survive, just pack like a normal person.

Check once on the internet if your country food is available at that place you’re going or not, so in case if you don’t like the local food you can still get your food. Don’t load food into your luggage.

These are some of the basic and important tips for travelers. These tips are specially for inexperienced travelers to make their tour nice and comfortable.

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