The Syma X5SW comes into colors, like white and black and can fly both indoors and outdoors with 360 degrees 3D rolling around, headless mode functions with best Drones Reviews. X5SW is multifunction quadcopter and stronger than the Syma flagship X5C. The X5SW has to upgrade when it comes to building quality, the outer shell of the X5SW is shiny and mode of durable, high-quality plastic with a reinforced landing gear and a 2.0 MP HD Camera to enjoy the real-time video transmission.

The Syma X5SW is the latest and most advanced model in Syma’s X5 range of toy grade quadcopters. It is also the priciest in the range, although only by a small boundary, and is the only design to feature FPV Video over WIFI. The price of X5SW approximately $61, and it is available in the black, red and white color. The X5Sw indicate to with its other siblings like the X5SC and X5C.

Features of Syma X5SW

  • X5SW RC Drone Built in HD Camera and Electronic compass, WIFI real-time transmission for videos and photos with a built-in camera and mobile attached to a remote controller.
  • For the Syma X5SW Drone, Android cell phone and Apple IOS mobile both are applicable.
  • The transmitter has built on two modes, mode 1 and mode 2 for the remote controller.
  • The X5SW has 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, reliable stability, can quickly implement various flights movements, higher wind resistance and easy to control.
  • The X5SW contains the 2.4 GHZ technology adopted for anti-interference. Allowing to fly up to 20 quadcopters at the same time without interfering with each other.
  • The Syma built n rechargeable high-performance Li-Poly Battery.

Function of Syma X5SW

Up/ down, left/ right sideward flight, forward/ backward, turn left/ right, with gyro/ flashlights for night flying A 360 Degree 3D and special functions, real-time transmission of video and photos.

The X5SW comes with phone holder that can be attached to the top of the transmitter. The X5SW transmits it FPV feed over WIFI; the feed suffers from a lot of or latency. Trying to fly the X5SW by relying on FPV may result in crashes, particularly when it’s flown close to structures or trees. With a lag of anywhere 0.3 to 2 seconds, trying to avoid hitting a tree or wall is simply not possible.


The X5SW does not record video or photos onto a micro SD card on its camera. Instead, reporting is done on the smartphone via the Syma FPV app. This is the weak point of the X5SW FPV features, particularly when you consider that video transmission can suffer from appalling latency.


The X5SW suffers from a short flight time if camera attached to it, especially when using the supplied 500mAh battery. With the provided battery, flight time with FPV is approximately 4 minutes only. Using larger 750mAh batteries can increase flight time to 5 or 6 minutes which is still somewhat short. This is largely because the camera represents a lot of power when transmitting its FPV feed. If the camera removed from the X5SW, the flight time being similar as the X5SC and X5C by Application reviewer.

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